Welcome  ~ In 1969, a group of neighbors created the Piscataquog Watershed Association (PWA) to protect critical land along the Piscataquog River. Now known as the Piscataquog Land Conservancy (PLC,) today we are proud stewards of nearly 6,000 acres of protected land. We invite you to join us in creating a lasting legacy of open space in the Piscataquog region!

Latest News:   Brennan Brook Project Receives $120,000 LCHIP Grant!  


NH’s Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP) has awarded PLC $120,000 for the Brennan Brook Conservation Area (BBCA), a joint initiative of the PLC and the Francestown Land Trust (FLT).

The 150-acre BBCA is located in the heart of a 6,100-acre unfragmented area of open, undeveloped land, making it a high-conservation priority for the two organizations. 

“These large, contiguous areas of undeveloped land provide critical habitat for a wide-range of species including bear, moose, and bobcat, as well as for bird species currently declining in the northeast, including Scarlet Tanager, Easter Wood-peewee, Veery, Wood Thrush and others,” said Paula Bellemore, PLC’s Executive Director. "We are thrilled, and grateful, that LCHIP was able to provide such strong support for this important project”.

The LCHIP grant augments funds raised from the Fields Pond Foundation, Davis Conservation Fund, Town of Francestown, and several generous private donors. With the LCHIP award in place, the PLC and FLT will enter the final fundraising phase hoping to raise the remaining funds needed to complete the project by May, 2014.

To help the PLC complete the Brennan Brook Conservation Area project CLICK HERE 

To read the full article on this project, CLICK HERE

Photo: Pat Nelson, Francestown

We're In Good Hands! New Boston Third Graders Choose NATURE!


Mrs. Frairie's 3rd graders in New Boston work hard demonstrating exceptional classroom behavior. And each time they do, they earn a marble for their "Marble Jar". Fill the jar and they select a class reward from a list of 10-15 options - anything from a "PJ's Day" to a movie and popcorn. So how do we know the earth is in good hands?  This year NATURE was the reward of choice, and by a landslide!

The students chose to go on a nature walk, led by NBCS resident naturalist (and para-professional) Sue Makowiecki.  Sue has always been an environmental pied-piper at NBCS; inspiring, engaging and exciting kids about the natural world with her exciting stories, cool artifacts and genuine enthusiasm.  So when Sue proclaimed this class the most exceptional ever and invited me to come along, I knew I was in for a treat!

Joined by retired teacher Maureen Mansfield, who for many years worked with her 2nd grade students to raise funds to improve the town's Mill Pond Conservation Area, we walked the Mill Pond Conservation Trail. I was impressed by their ability to identify trees, nests, and tracks. Students were able to explain where they might find beech trees growing (not in wet areas), why beech trees are important (beech nuts are a great source of nutrition), and why deer frequent south facing slopes in winter (warmth). They explained to me that a porcupine is usually pretty lazy, and more importantly that he can't really shoot his quills at me (phew!).  

Was the highlight when the Pileated Woodpecker flew right over our heads (WAY COOL!), or when the chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa were handed out by parent volunteers (SECONDS, PLEASE!)? I'm not sure, but I am sure that these are some smart, engaged and fun kids!  Thank you to the students, and to Mrs. Frairie, Mrs. Makoweicki, Mr. Chauvette and all the parents who support and encourage these students to learn and explore nature.  Bravo! I truly enjoyed our walk in the woods.


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